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Department of Sports Training Science-Athletics






Department of Sports Training Science-Athletics recruits students from four specific fields , Track and Field , Archery, Weightlifting, and Gymnastic. The primary goal is to train more elite athletes to compete for the medals in the Olympic Games and the Asian Games.  



Primary Goals:  


The objectives the Department are as follows:

A.to provide those talented athletes with all the necessary resources and opportunities to participate in international competitions;

B.to recruit students with potentiality in sports and to offer intensive science-based training;

C.to cultivate national and international coaches competent at special skills; and

D.to train teachers in the field of physical education and health.



Glory of the Training Results:


Track and FieldSince the establishment of the track and field team, the athletes have always been in high spirits and motivated, completely embodying sportsmanship, and won awards in numerous international championships. 


ArcheryEighty-meter wide and one hundred-meter long archery field is available to the athletes.  Many outstanding champions have emerged since the establishment of the team.  The athletes have ranked top eight in the 1988, 1992, 1996, and 2000 Olympics. In the summer Olympics held in Athens, 2004,Shih-Yuan Chen and Hui-Ju Wu,  won a silver medal and a bronze medal in Men's and Women's Archery Event. 


WeightliftingEver since the establishment of the weightlifting team, the team has continually turned in fantastic performances and won awards in numerous international championships.  


GymnasticEach gymnast has been given individual attention and training and has been able to maintain their high levels of gymnastic performances. The Gymnastic team won awards in numerous international championships. 



Director of the Department:  


Associate Professor and Director of the Department

chang yung cheng

Specific Research Field and Specialty: Coaching, Track and Field


Email: cychen@mail.ntsu.edu.tw